A Bullseye of a Paddle

January 23, 2019

Davon Martin uses the Dart at the 2018 Margaritaville Pickleball National Championships at Indian Wells Tennis Garden in California.

By Davon Martin, GAMMA Pickleball Contracted Player

The DART by GAMMA is a light weight composite paddle that is great with touch and control.  The first thing that caught my eye about the paddle was the design and colors. The colors on the DART are the infamous black and yellow if you’re a Pittsburgh Steelers fan or, in my case, it could be black and gold since I represent the New Orleans Saints.  WHO DAT!

The DART is uniquely designed using part of the GAMMA logo with a dart hitting a bull’s-eye.  I haven’t asked what the design really means, but since getting to know the designers, I can tell that there must have been lots of thought put into that design.  It would be a crime if I failed to mention the matching black and yellow GAMMA special textured honeycomb grip feature.  The paddle literally sticks to your hand while maintaining that dryness most players like without having to blow on your hands to dry them.

Additionally, the paddle hits exceptionally well.  It doesn’t have a lot of pop while making light contact with the ball, but the medium reflection feeling of the DART allows you to generate more power with less effort.  Ground strokes came naturally with it as well, and I could really lay into my back hand from the base line when I need to. The DART offers lots of touch which helps to keep balls low, to redirect shots, and with blocking and handling dinks.  The texture on the face of the DART paddle is perfect as well – it allows you to achieve really good under spin when slicing and awesome top spin when rolling the ball corner to corner or down the baselines.

I think I am a little different from most players when trying to figuring out if a paddle is right for me or not.  I like to play with the paddle in a tournament while under pressure – I think your true style shows under those circumstances.  If a few points have gone by and I haven’t gotten the urge to put the paddle down and go back to my usual one, then that’s a good sign that the paddle might work for me.  Of course, that’s not something I would recommend to others, but that’s my preference.

So the eye catching black and yellow, sleekly designed, lightweight DART with a superb grip is a great paddle on the market right now.  I highly recommend the DART to new players who prefer a lighter paddle with a lot of touch and control which will help to keep the unforced errors down.  Thank you, DART creators (GAMMA), for this bull’s eye of a paddle.