Be Fierce

December 2, 2019

By Pam Leslie, GAMMA Brand Partner

Have your every been ahead in a match only to find yourself unable to close it out? It’s frustrating and I have often wondered why I find myself in this situation on more than one occasion.

After a few of these experiences, I began to search for answers on why this was happening and what I could do to change the outcome. After a bit of research, I came to the conclusion that I needed to improve my mental toughness so that I could perform at an effective high level for tournament play.

I understand that there are many Pickleball players who strictly play recreationally and may have no desire to perform in tournaments, so perhaps mental toughness training is not for all… But for those of us who enjoy being a fierce competitor, make sure you are working on your mental game as well.

For me, I began to practice good habits of mind and attitude. The most difficult habit for me was patience. I needed to remember that my game was a work in progress and I couldn’t expect results immediately or rush things. After all, anything worthwhile take hard work. I also focused on endurance. When you experiencing failure, it’s an opportunity to improve and grow – not a reason to give up. Just keep grinding until you get it right; never give up! Develop a strong inner compass, stay true to your course and keep your standards high. Having setbacks or tough times are not good reasons to lower the bar. Becoming a mentally strong person take a lot of practice. You have to first recognize your bad habits and make a point of replacing them with new healthier habits.

I follow this amazing human that I stumbled across on Facebook. Dayne Gingrich is one remarkable individual who is a Mental Performance Coach. When I hit potholes in my Pickleball journey, I hop on over to his Facebook page and just read. I find his words, podcast and videos to be an inspiration for me and he just may be an inspiration to you as well.

Some of the strongest people I know are those who win battle that we never seem them fight -be that person. Be unafraid. Be fierce!

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

-Colin Powell