Four Things Every Pickleball Player Needs this Year

November 22, 2017

GAMMA Pickleball Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is in full effect, and as our to-do lists continue to grow so too does our anxiety over what we should buy our loved ones.

Lucky for you, if you’re shopping for a pickleball player, we’ve got you covered: We hand-picked four items that every pickleball player needs this year.

We know that time is at a premium this time of year so let’s jump right in to our pickleball holiday gift guide!


Holiday Gift Guide - Poly Core Pickleball Paddles.

Obviously, you can’t play pickleball without a pickleball paddle. In October, we unveiled our brand-new line of Poly Core pickleball paddles. If you haven’t heard about them yet, let us give you a quick rundown. These high-performance paddles come equipped with our brand-new Sensa Poly Core technology that helps provide the balance, power and touch that beginner and expert pickleball players alike crave.

Some players see these paddles as an extension of their body during play. Trust us—the Razor and the Mirage are showstoppers.


GAMMA Pickleball Holiday Gift Guide - Grips.

We’re not going to get too technical here but, a tacky grip could be the difference in carrying out a perfectly executed shot or a mishit. Of course, nobody wants the latter, and a simple solution to this problem is a freshly gripped paddle. We have an array of pickleball paddle grips that’ll improve maneuverability and provide hours of comfortable play.

We recently added the PB Supreme Fashion Overgrip to our lineup. These grips make the perfect stocking stuffers!


GAMMA Pickleball Holiday Gift Guide - Back Pack

Rather than worry about gift wrapping your presents, why not load them up in one of our spacious backpacks and just put a bow on it? It’ll save you time, and the pickleball player in your life will love being able to keep all of their equipment in one convenient place. Our backpack will keep their game gear organized thanks to the two large compartments that can hold up to four pickleballs, and the side compartments that can tote anything from shoes to a water bottle. Plus, there’s even a handy Velcro loop in the back of the backpack to keep their paddle in a secure place.

Portable Net

GAMMA Holiday Gift Guide - Portable Net

One of our favorite things about pickleball is that it can be played virtually anywhere. Whether it’s indoors or outside, pickleball is a sport that travels well. So what better gift to give than a portable net, so the pickleball player in your life can play pickleball whenever and wherever their heart desires? We like to think that this is the gift that keeps on giving!

But before we go, let us fill you in on a little secret: From Monday, November 27 to Monday, December 4 we’ll be running an exclusive holiday promotion that you do not want to miss! Make sure to stay on top of our Facebook page to learn about our upcoming holiday discount!

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  • $89.95 Select Options

    Mirage Premium Poly Core Paddle

    The GAMMA Mirage is a fantastic middleweight pickleball paddle.  The textured composite face amplifies the power in your game and our new Sensa Poly Core technology enhances touch on the ball.

  • $109.95 Select Options

    Razor Premium Poly Core Paddle

    The GAMMA Razor is the ultimate pickleball paddle. Our new Sensa Poly Core technology delivers balance, power, and touch like you have never experienced in a midweight paddle.

  • $149.95 Add to Cart

    Portable Net

    The GAMMA Pickleball Portable Net system makes it easy to bring the game with you.

  • $69.95 Add to Cart


    For a compact bag that can keep all of your game gear organized, you can’t go wrong with the GAMMA Pickleball Backpack.