Are You a GAMMA Gut Player?

February 2, 2018

GAMMA Tennis quote image with text "After 45 years, we're still gutting out the competition." and picture of GAMMA Gut tennis string product packaging.

When deciding on what type of tennis string works best with your game, what do you look for?

Do you look for a string that allows you to play for hours without pain or discomfort? Do you enjoy a sense of enhanced touch and depth control? Do you want to revitalize your overall tennis game?

Deciding on what string best complements your game is more than just a few yes or no answers.  It’s for that reason that we’re going to help you figure out whether or not GAMMA Gut tennis string is right for you.

Let’s get started.

Are You A GAMMA Gut Player?

Do you like natural gut tennis string?

The inspiration for GAMMA Gut tennis string came from none other than natural gut strings. If you’re familiar with natural gut, you understand that it offers a level of sensitivity that provides the optimal feel and comfort, power and control, as well as durability and performance that tennis players crave.

So, if you’ve played with natural gut tennis string in the past, you’ll be happy to know that we redesigned and modeled our most legendary string with natural gut in mind to help revitalize your game and to make this type of string more accessible to players of all skill levels, not only for those who can afford it.

Is comfort a top priority?

Because GAMMA Gut mimics the characteristics of natural gut and provides the level of sturdiness that you’ll find in multifilament and synthetic tennis strings, this particular string is great for players who are susceptible to shoulder/elbow pain and discomfort during play. The soft and slick coating of GAMMA Gut string helps with snapback and provides excellent comfort.

During a playtest, one tennis player touted that GAMMA Gut provided the level of comfort that he needed after coming off of a wrist injury. “I give this string high marks for comfort…I’ll take this GAMMA string every time. Less vibrations, less string movement, and a softer feel.”

Do you play with more finesse than power?

If you value finesse over power, GAMMA Gut is the string for you. That’s because your controlled, power shots work well with the characteristics of this string.

Finesse leads us to the topic of durability. As with any multifilament string, GAMMA Gut provides the caliber of durability that’s perfect for players who are not serial string breakers.

Your tennis style plays a big role in the longevity of the string you’re using. Pay attention to how the string reacts to your style of play to help you better understand the string’s characteristics that’ll complement your skill sets.

What’s your take on string movement?

Is string movement the bane of your existence? Or do you feel like string movement is just part of the process?

If you’ve played with multifilament and synthetic gut string in the past, you’re used to making slight adjustment to your string bed between points.

When it comes to GAMMA Gut string, its smooth and slick feel allows for it to snap back into place easily during play.

While some players noticed a shift in their string, they cited that it wasn’t excessive which means they weren’t incessantly tugging and readjusting their string every chance they got during their match.

One player noted during his playtest that after a couple hitting sessions and matches, he noticed some movement; however, it didn’t come close to what he had experienced in the past with other multifilament and synthetic gut tennis strings.

Are you a GAMMA Gut player?

While the feel and comfort, your style of play, and movement of the tennis string factor into your decision, at the end of the day it’s important to remember that picking a tennis string that complements your skill set is subjective.

Every tennis player is different which means that they use different strings to amplify their strengths. It takes trial and error to truly figure out which string works best for you and your style of play.

However, knowing the ins and outs of the make-up of a string will help you better understand its qualities and characteristics.

That being said, are you a GAMMA Gut player?

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