GAMMA Pickleball Brand Partner Spotlight: Carlos Anrrich

September 6, 2017

Picture of Brand Partner, Carlos Anrrich, holding a GAMMA Voltage pickleball paddle.

Carlos Anrrich is an active, passionate member of the pickleball community, and luckily for GAMMA, we were able to snap him up to join our Brand Partner program to help us spread awareness of our favorite sport! We recently interviewed Carlos, and it’s safe to say that he definitely has pickleball on the brain.


How did you discover pickleball?

I discovered pickleball when I retired back in the spring of 2013. I have always been active in many different sports, and I was looking for a new activity. Seven Oaks Park, a public facility here in Northwest Columbia, South Carolina, advertised pickleball, so I went to try it and I got hooked right away. At that time, it was the only place nearby that offered pickleball. It was held only on Wednesday and Friday mornings. There must have been only about eight to 10 regular players at the time. Now, in the Columbia area, there are five or six public parks, two churches, two YMCAs, one country club, plus three private communities (that I know of) that offer pickleball!

What is your favorite GAMMA pickleball paddle?

I play with the new 7.5 ounce “Experimental” paddle. I love it! It will be coming out soon for sale to the public, and I’ve got several customers chomping at the bit wanting to buy it! Prior to that, I played with the Neutron 2.0 pickleball paddle and the first generation Voltage paddle. All of the 2.0s have a gritty surface which is ideal for “slicers” like me!

How often do you get to play?

I try to play at least three or four times a week, many times even more. By the end of this year I will have played in nine tournaments, including the US Open Pickleball Championships in Naples, Florida, and the GAMMA Pickleball Classic in Pittsburgh. I will also go to Costa Rica in November on a pickleball tour. I have also organized a pickleball clinic here this month which was taught by Prem Carnot, AKA the Pickleball Guru.

Why do you love pickleball?

I love pickleball because it’s a competitive sport which I will hopefully be able to play in retirement for a long time, barring injuries. It’s easy to cover the court, and it helps to keep me active, plus I can combine my passion for travelling with pickleball. Since retirement, I have played in many states, plus in Spain, and this November I will play in Costa Rica.

What motivates you (in life and/or when playing pickleball)?

I am 69, and my motto in life is, “Life is what you do with Plan B.”  I try to live in the moment. I consider myself a man of passion and I am continually evolving spiritually. Every morning, after waking up, I take a deep breath; I thank the God of all mankind and Creator of the Universe for giving me one more day. After that, the rest of the day is gravy. I almost died in 2012, so I consider that God has given me extra credit to get this ride right.

Who do you typically play with?

I play with many different people, mostly in Columbia, but I also like to play in Aiken, SC. I like to play with people with similar skill levels. It makes the game more interesting and challenging. I also like to teach beginners. I try to have weekly drills and free play at my neighborhood pickleball court.

What kind of player are you?

I am rated a 3.0 (HIGH) level player. That means that I am almost a 3.5. My goal for next year is to enter tournaments as a 3.5. I have won several medals, including silver at the GAMMA Pickleball Classic and a silver at the Aiken tournament last weekend. I am a slicer. I love to see people miss my ball when it ricochets weirdly off their paddle! I also love my hero, Dave Wanbach’s, swooping strokes!

What’s one thing that everyone can do to improve their pickleball game?

Drill, Drill, Drill, Drill …

We’d like to thank Carlos Anrrich for taking the time to talk with us! If you’d like to become a GAMMA Brand Partner too, send us an email to learn more!

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