GAMMA’s Year of Health, Fitness, and Fun has Just Begun

January 31, 2018

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While many view New Year’s resolutions as a January habit, we’re encouraging you to join us in making 2018 the year of health, fitness, and fun!

From helping you improve your pickleball performance to learning more about the importance of stretching before playing, we’ve been sharing helpful tips all month long to get your body and mind in shape for the New Year!

In case you missed any of these updates, we’ve compiled a quick recap to get you up-to-speed.

Target Zones: Practicing Pickleball With A Purpose

GAMMA Pickleball's book, "Target Zones" with three Poly Core pickleball paddles behind it.

Our newly-published guide, Target Zones, comes equipped with 50 — yes, you read that right – 50 field-tested drills and competitive games to help you practice pickleball with a purpose!

Post-Workout Nutrition Is Important

Yogurt parfait with strawberries for a GAMMA Sports blog about post-workout nutrition.

If you’re new to the idea of a post-workout snack, we’ve outlined three reasons why it’s so important! We’ve also included some viable snack options to replenish your energy stores and to help combat those dreaded sore muscles!

Don’t Forget To Stretch: Here’s Why

Picture of a green and blue tennis court for a GAMMA Sports blog post.

Because those few minutes that you spend stretching before and after exercise can potentially save you from spending weeks to even months on the sideline!

Four Tips To Stay Motivated

Fitness blog: Picture of a man walking up the steps in orange and grey Nike tennis shoes.

Motivation is like a rollercoaster. You have your ups and your downs, your twists and your turns, but as long as you stay the course, you can still enjoy the ride!

A new and exciting tennis- and pickleball-filled year is just getting started! Join us on our journey by following us on FacebookInstagram, Twitter. And, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter below so you never miss an update!