Getting to Know Us: Mike & Linwood Morgan

January 13, 2020

By Paige Powers, Marketing Coordinator

For this month’s employee blog, we are featuring two people that our key to Warehouse Department… and they’re brothers. Read below to learn more about Mike and Linwood, and each of their positions here at GAMMA Sports.

What is your current position at GAMMA Sports?

Mike: Receiving Associate

Linwood: EDI Team

How long have your been with GAMMA?

Mike: 2 years

Linwood: 1 year

How did you come to work with GAMMA?

Mike: A temp agency

Linwood: My brother

Who started working at GAMMA first?

Mike: Me

Linwood: Mike did.

Sometimes it can be hard to be siblings that work together, how do you both manage?

Mike: It’s easy, we have always got along very well

Linwood: Easy. We always get along.

What’s your favorite part of working at GAMMA?

Mike: Coworkers

Linwood: The environment

Before coming to GAMMA, what did you do before?

Mike: I worked at a call center.

Linwood: I worked for a moving company.

Do you play pickleball or tennis?

Mike: Both actually. I grew up playing tennis and just recently got introduced to pickleball. I like them both.

Linwood: Tennis when I was younger.

How many years apart are you both? Do you have any other siblings?

Mike: Almost 6 years apart. Yes – an older brother and a younger sister.

What is your favorite memory together as children?

Mike: A bunch really, but every winter I think of when we made a jump for our sled riding adventures. The jump was a success and so was the landing. But we never thought about stopping. We ran smack into the wall. *laughs*

Linwood: All night bowling

You both love playing Xbox. Do you play together? What are your top two favorite games right now?

Mike: Yes we do. Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Need for Speed.

Linwood: We play Call of Duty together and my favorite games right now are that and Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds.

Mike, we hear you love working on cars. What is the coolest care that you have ever worked on?

Mike: I’d have to say my ’85 Cutlass Supreme 442 with T Tops

Linwood, we hear you love cooking. What’s your favorite dish to cook? Mike, is he really a good cook?

Mike: Yeah, definitely better than I can at some dishes.

Linwood: I love making breakfast burritos.

If you had one day to do whatever you wanted, what would you do?
Mike: Wing suit gliding

Linwood: Daddy Daughter day

What’s one piece of advice you wish someone had shared with you when you were younger?

Mike: Just because I’m genuinely nice doesn’t mean everyone else is.

Linwood: Budget



Summer or Winter?

M: Winter

L: Summer

Chocolate or Vanilla?

M: Vanilla

L: Vanilla

Beach or Mountains?

M: Mountains

L: Mountains

Cats or Dogs?

M: Dogs

L: Dogs

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?

M: Cookies and Cream

L: Oreo

Favorite Food?

M: Don’t have one

L: Pizza

Favorite Band/Singer?

M: Musiq Soulchild

L: Don Q