Introducing Our Poly Core Pickleball Paddles!

October 3, 2017

After weeks of hinting not-so-subtly on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages that something BIG was coming, we can now finally unveil what we’ve created to help you better own the pickleball court.

Drum roll please …

Meet our brand-new line of Poly Core pickleball paddles!

Picture of the GAMMA Poly Core pickleball paddles.When it came to our next generation of pickleball paddles, we wanted to fuse new technology with some of our signature paddle elements to create something special. This combination of past and present has enabled us to create a new, innovative line of pickleball paddles that work with you and not against you.

Gone are the days of paddles losing their “oomph” and dead spots that kill your attack. Our Poly Core paddles were made to act like an extension of your body on the court. The weight, the feel, and the design all work together to create a paddle that’s your best weapon to use against your competition.

If your current paddle is losing steam or you just want to experience the Power of Poly for yourself, let’s get down to the nuts and bolts as to why these paddles will give you the competitive edge you’ve been craving.

Without further ado, we’re pleased to introduce the Mirage, the Razor and, coming soon, the Twister.


Picture of the GAMMA Razor Poly Core Paddle.

The RZR provides balance, power and touch like you’ve never experienced before in a mid-weight paddle. The textured graphite face, paired with our Sensa Poly Core technology, will give you a boost on the court, enhance your ball bite, and deliver the control and touch you’ve been longing to add to your game. Don’t just think of the RZR as a pickleball paddle; think of it as an extension of your body on the court.

The Mirage

Picture of the GAMMA Mirage Poly Core pickleball paddle.

The GAMMA Mirage is our deceptively light, heavyweight pickleball paddle. The Mirage packs a serious punch thanks to its textured composite face that amplifies the power in your game. This, paired with our brand-new Sensa Poly Core technology adds some extra finesse on the ball, too! While this paddle touts new technology, it still features our tried and true honeycomb cushion grip that creates the perfect link between you and your pickleball paddle.

COMING SOON! The Twister

GAMMA Twister Poly Core pickleball paddle teaser.

Don’t let this lightweight pickleball paddle fool you. The Twister’s composite face, paired with our Sensa Poly Core technology, offers exceptional power that’ll help you make quick work of your opponent. This paddle is the perfect option for people who are learning how to play pickleball.

Be the first to know when our slimmest and lightest Poly Core pickleball paddle is available for purchase!

The Mirage, RZR and Twister are proudly made in the USA, at our global headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA!

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