The JET String (A.K.A. Your New Best Friend)

January 22, 2019


By Holly, GAMMA Sports Marketing Coordinator

Game time! What GAMMA string is firm and precise, has lots of control and comes in royal blue, lime green and black colors? If you guessed GAMMA JET (available in 16L, 17 and 18 gauges), you would be right!

As a string that’s perfect for intermediate and advanced players looking for control, spin and durability, this is perfect to you. If you don’t believe us, then check out this video from Tennis Warehouse for their take on our JET string!

If you’re a player that regularly uses a polyester string in your racquet, JET can contribute tons of spin potential, a firm feel and great control to your game. Michelle from Tennis Warehouse commented that she “loved the string right off the stringer,” and that “it felt firm but never uncomfortable.” With a twisted ribbed shape for increased spin, bite on the ball is also at a maximum with a crisp and firm response to the hit.

For those of you who like to take an aggressive approach shot or attack the lines with more angle, the control of JET comes in super handy. In fast and lively playing conditions, a player can play aggressively without overhitting in a match. JET also drops shots nicely inside the lines.

JET is sold in sets and reels, and is manufactured with a proprietary multistage drawing process. Through this, the string’s strength increases and tension loss is minimized for maximum durability and longer play life when compared to other polyesters.

JET joins our MOTO and OCHO strings as part of our new AMP Line. Developed to optimize string stiffness without the harsh feeling at impact, the AMP Line is created using an advanced ultra-high molecular weight co-polyester material.

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