Meet the Fastest Pickleball Paddle on the Market

November 7, 2016

Gamma Pickleball Neutron Paddle

GAMMA has made a splash in the pickleball world again, and just in time for the holiday season.

Introducing the Neutron: GAMMA’s lightest and fastest paddle, offering more speed and maneuverability than any other paddle on the market.

Gamma Pickleball Neutron PaddleThe Neutron offers some of GAMMA’s classic and most crowd-pleasing features: the aramid Honeycomb core that provides unmatched power and control, the live periphery frame that eliminates dead spots and increases feedback and our signature contour grip for extra cushioned comfort during play.

What makes the Neutron different?

The Neutron paddle has an advanced, aerodynamic shape that was specifically crafted to enhance feel and increase speed for players. Pair that with the fact that it only weighs 7 ounces, and you have the fastest paddle on the market.

Also, the Neutron’s flush-fit bumper and 30% more hitting area allows for players at any level to have an edge over the competition.

Who might benefit from the Neutron?

The Neutron is ideal for players who leap at the chance to go on offense and establish control at the net. Because of its ultra-lightweight design, the dexterity and movability of the Neutron is unlike any other paddle in the GAMMA lineup, making this paddle’s performance during close-quarters volley rallies unmatched.

An aggressive style of play compliments the Neutron quite nicely, but this paddle is certainly not limited to power players. GAMMA designed the Neutron to be a universally comfortable paddle with exceptional feedback. GAMMA’s unique unibody handle provides heightened stability for players of all levels. It also increases the durability of the paddle, which makes the ultra-lightweight Neutron sturdier and more powerful than you can imagine.

Are you ready to feel the difference with the GAMMA Neutron? This innovative pickleball paddle is now available for purchase on our website.