Natural Gut Tennis String 101

October 11, 2017

GAMMA Sports' blog post about natural gut tennis string.

Choosing the right tennis string is a matter of preference—the only way to really determine which string is right for you is by how it feels and what best compliments your skill sets.

In a previous blog, we touched on the topic of whether or not recreational players should use polyester string. Today, we’re building off of this topic by focusing on natural gut tennis string. We’re going to start with a brief history lesson and then dive right into the benefits of using natural gut tennis string.

Let’s begin.

Originally, natural tennis gut string was made from the innermost layer of the sheep intestine known as the mucosa. But, as the technology and innovation within the tennis world began to evolve, so too did the makeup of natural gut string. Today, natural gut tennis string is made from cow gut, or the outermost layer of the cow intestine called the serosa.

So, what makes this variation of natural gut so special? The serosa is designed to withstand the stretching and contraction of the intestine, meaning it has excellent elasticity and durability. This translates well for tennis string because it offers power when there’s tension in the racquet; however, this power doesn’t’ come at the expense of your arm. In fact, due to the stretchiness of the string, it’s actually very easy on your arm because while it holds tension, it works with you and not against you.

Now, that we have a basic understanding of what makes natural gut tennis string, natural, let’s take a look at some of the key benefits of using this type of string.

Feel & Comfort

As we mentioned before, tennis players ultimately decide on a string based on how it feels during play. It’s a subjective approach; however, natural gut tennis string offers the sensitivity that some tennis players crave. It feels like there’s a seamless connection between your body and the racquet, which helps support the feedback that you’ll get from the ball hitting the string. Beyond the feel of the string, comfort is also an important factor in deciding whether or not natural gut tennis string is right for you. This type of string absorbs much of the impact that’s felt when the ball hits the string, which in turn redistributes the shock and helps ease the fatigue on your arm and shoulder.

Power & Control

Tennis players want to put as much power behind the ball as they can. Natural gut can deliver this need for speed to your game. The elasticity of the string allows it to react with the ball in a way that transfers the energy from contact of the ball with the string back into your return. This enables you to hit the ball with power, ease and control – another key benefit that tennis players enjoy when using natural gut tennis string. Thanks to the feel and power of this string, you can experience a smooth and natural swing, along with a sense of control on where you’re sending the ball.

Durability & Performance

Buying the right tennis string is a small investment because you want to buy a product that’ll last and resist breakage. The tension in natural gut tennis string remains consistent during a match when the tension of other types of string can waver. Even during a long match, natural gut remains at a level of elasticity that responds to fatigue much better than others.

If you’re an experienced tennis player and are looking for more power and a string that’s elastic and resilient, you should consider looking into trying out natural gut tennis string on your racquet.

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