Stereotypical Tennis Players: Which One Are You? [Infographic]

July 26, 2017

GAMMA Tennis blog post about tennis player stereotypes.

We all know those players who could be cartoons on the court, but have you ever stopped and wondered how people see you? Here, we’re covering six classic stereotypical tennis players and their behaviors.

  1. The One Who Stole Rafa’s Wardrobe

GAMMA Tennis blog about tennis stereotypes.

Rafael Nadal has every shirt, shoe, headband, wristband and shock absorber on the pro tour. When the next grand slam rolls around, you know he’s keeping his eyes glued to the screen for the latest selection of apparel. His game is an afterthought; his look is what matters.

  1. The One Who Argues Every Call

GAMMA Tennis Blog - Tennis player who argues every call.

“Are you sure?”

“Can I see the mark?”


It doesn’t matter if you’re playing in a 40-and-over 3.0 league or the Wimbledon finals, we all run into opponents who question our eyesight. Often.

  1. The One Who Talks … A Lot

GAMMA Tennis stereotypes -- The tennis player who talks a lot.

You want to strategize during changeovers, but your partner wants to tell you about what happened when they drove their kids to the pool last week. Or, worse, your opponent is dead-set on learning your life story during these short breaks. There is a time for talk and a time for play, and generally these times blend together for the Chatty Cathys.

  1. The One Who Compliments Every Shot

GAMMA Tennis stereotypes -- The tennis player who complements every shot.

She applauds her racket after every point and lets out audible “oohs” and “ahs” when you hit winners. She always sees her Gatorade bottle as half full. It’s almost against her personal code of conduct to not exclaim “nice point” after each point. Is she playing to win? Sure, but the most important thing to her is to have fun.

  1. The One with a Serena Grunt

GAMMA Tennis stereotypes blog -- The tennis player with a Serena Williams grunt.

It doesn’t matter if they’re going all-out on a first serve or finessing a drop-shot, you better believe there will be a shriek to accompany it. Does it really help with their power and intensity? Who knows. Maybe it’s completely involuntary … maybe.

  1. The One Who is Always Injured

GAMMA Tennis stereotypes blog -- The tennis player who is always injured.

When they win it’s a miracle, and when they lose they make sure you know it’s because of that darned shoulder problem they’ve had on and off for the past three years. Sure, many tennis injuries are legitimate, but to these characters, they are purely convenient.

Are there any stereotypical tennis players that we missed? Which one are you? Or are you a combination of several?

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GAMMA Tennis - Tennis Stereotype Infographic