Tennis Spotlight: Camila Wesbrooks

October 7, 2019

By Camila Wesbrooks, Sports Information Director for the University of Arizona’s Women’s Tennis Team

Hi GAMMA Fans! My name is Camila Wesbrooks, most commonly known as Mila. I’ve played tennis since I could walk, and recently concluded my four years of eligibility playing tennis for the University of Arizona. My followers on social media wonder why I’m still here. Well, it’s simple – I can’t get enough.

As I was finishing my final season, I knew I would be coming back as a fifth year student, but no longer an athlete. The idea of not being part of a team was hard for me to grasp, but this didn’t last long. Towards the end of last year, my coach approached me with the opportunity to become Sports Information Director of the Women’s Tennis Team! I didn’t have to think twice. By taking this position, I am still a part of the team. I help by writing articles of the matches and managing the team’s social media platforms. So far, it has kept me busy and been loads of fun!

I first got into tennis when I was a little girl because my mom worked at a tennis club as a coach. Both of my parents played tennis for LSU so really my brother and I had no way out. Jokes aside, it was the sport I was best at and so I decided to dedicate my time fully to being the best player I could be in order to obtain a Division I scholarship. Having my mom as my coach throughout my entire adolescent life was awesome but also very challenging at times. It wasn’t until I got to college where I really appreciated all the time and effort she put into coaching me and taking me to tournaments. Without her, I wouldn’t be where I am today, so I am beyond grateful.

I recently underwent a knee surgery that keeps me from being physically active for about four months. This will continue to limit me for another eight months until I am fully recovered. The process of going from a full-time student athlete to not being able to walk normally has been tough. Writing really helps! I look forward to writing future blogs for GAMMA Tennis. I will cover topics such as; dealing with injuries, the transition from playing full time, and much more. Hope you enjoy!

This blog is part of our new series highlighting various tennis players throughout the United States. Each blog will feature stories, experiences, or techniques these players are willing to share with the GAMMA audience. If you’re interested in seeing more from Mila Wesbrooks, click here to follow her on Instagram.