Three Tennis String Care Tips

February 5, 2018

Picture of a black GAMMA tennis racquet and tennis string.

Making sure that your tennis strings are performing at an optimal level is essential to play your best tennis every time you step onto the court.

When your tennis strings are losing steam, your performance is soon to follow and that’s why it’s important to take the necessary steps to care for your strings. Make sure to follow these three tennis string care tips to get the most out of your strings on and off the court.

Three Tennis String Care Tips

Pay attention

You have to be in tune with the feel of your racquet during play -it’s essentially an extension of your body. That being said, you understand the nuances of your racquet and what to look for when it’s no longer packing a punch. In most cases, it’s a matter of paying attention to three things in particular:

  1. Frequency – When was the last time you restrung your racquet?
  2. Listen – Do you no longer hear that ping sound?
  3. Tension – Are your strings losing their gusto?

We wrote a post, How Often Should You Restring Your Tennis Racquet? , that provides some added detail on the subject.

Watch the weather

Believe it or not, weather plays a large role in your strings’ performance. Hot and cold temperatures alike can have adverse effects on your tennis strings. Leaving your racquet in the trunk of your car, for example, or where it’s exposed to the weather and temperature changes can factor into the deterioration of not only your strings but your frame as well.

  • Heat – Temperatures above 90 degrees Fahrenheit can accelerate the loss of tension in your strings.
  • Cold – Cold temperatures, on the other hand, dramatically increase the brittleness of the string which in turn betters the likelihood of your strings snapping during play.

To avoid either of these instances, it’s in best practice to store your tennis racquet in a temperature-controlled space where it’s not exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Take care of your racquet

Just as string maintenance is important, so too is maintaining the quality of your racquet’s frame.

One of the quickest ways to break a string is with a broken grommet. When a grommet breaks, it creates fragments which in turn will slice through your string like a hot knife through butter. Taking care of your racquet’s frame and making sure that you avoid impact as much as you possibly can will preserve the life of your tennis string. In short, hard knocks to the frame will have you back in the Pro Shop buying a new racquet in no time.

Keep these three tips in the back of your mind each time you gear up to play tennis because the more you take care of your tennis strings, the better they’ll perform for you in return.

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