The Three Types of Tennis Serves [Infographic]

August 10, 2017

GAMMA Sports blog on the three main types of tennis serves.

Each time you hit the tennis court you want to progress as a player and refine your skills. One of the most important skills to hone is your ability to deliver a hard-hitting, powerful serve. After all, a tennis serve is seen as the most important shot, as it marks the start of every point. A good serve can put pressure on your opponent and maybe even help you get into their head a little.

While it may seem to the average person that all tennis serves look the same, that’s far from the case. There are actually three main types of tennis serves. More skilled players can incorporate a mixture of the serves into their game to cater to their strengths while keeping their opponents on their toes.

Whether your serve feels a bit off or you’re the type of person who’s always eager to learn a new strategy to implement into your tennis game, take a look at the rundown of the three main tennis serves.

Flat serve – To use this serve, throw the ball high into the air and reach forward to hit the shot. The flat serve is all about power and swinging through the ball without using any spin – hence the name, flat serve.

Kick serve – Visualize that you are standing in the middle of a clock. When you toss the ball in the air over your head, bring your racquet through from a 7 o’clock position to a 1 o’clock position when you make contact. If the kick serve is done correctly, the ball should in turn bend over the net and hit the court with bounce and topspin toward your opponent.

Slice serve – This serve, also known as the slider, is carried out when the player, likely using the Continental or Eastern backhand grip (more on these grips in another post), makes contact with their racquet on the side of the ball giving it spin. The ball will curve and then bounce in the opposite direction of the server’s dominant hand.

GAMMA Sports infographic about the three main types of tennis serves.

Now that we’ve given you the rundown on the three main types of tennis serves, it’s up to you to find the one that works best for you and compliments your strengths. Take some time to practice each of these as you continue building your on-the-court skill set and become a better overall tennis player.

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