Two-Handed is Better Than One?

November 14, 2019

By Clayton & Jennifer Edwards, GAMMA Contracted Players

The two handed backhand is not a shot used by many players simply because it is not necessary to play good pickleball. However, it can be used as a tool to help add some different shots to your arsenal. Its best uses are to add more power, increase topspin, and to reset the point.


High put-away balls – on high balls that you cannot get to with a forehand, the two-hand backhand can add more power to help finish the point.

Groundstroke drive – on a short return, the two-hand backhand can add more power and topspin to your drive.

Topspin dink – By using the second hand to create extra spin over the top of the ball, you can hit a topspin dink.  This is much different than your typical soft or slice dink as it could reach your opponent a little faster after it bounces.


Return a ball that has passed you – When a ball has passed behind you on the backhand side you can use the two hand backhand to almost “fling” the ball back over the net.  Just be careful not to stop the ball on your paddle or you could be called for a carry.

Softening the ball / Resetting the point – When a ball is driven hard to your backhand side you can use the two hand backhand to help absorb the pace and soften the shot for a drop.

Most players that use the two hand backhand have it experience with it from another sport, usually tennis.  I come from a tennis background but had gone completely to a one handed backhand in tennis.  However, I found I still had my two handed backhand from my junior tennis days and was able to convert it into an extra weapon for my pickleball game.