Get a Grip: Understanding Our Tennis Overgrips

October 28, 2019

By Paige Powers, Marketing Coordinator

Finding an overgrip that is perfect for your racquet can be overwhelming! With the variety of styles and colors, it can be especially difficult for players that are not used to purchasing overgrip frequently. However, we are here to help! In this blog, you’ll see a breakdown of GAMMA overgrip and the benefits of using each!



As our best-selling grip, the Supreme overgrip offers both tackiness and absorbency for many hours of play. This overgrip is offered in various solid colors, as well as patterns to fit your style!


Available in a 3-pack of neon colors, the Neon Tac features a Hi-Tac polyurethane that is quick to remove moisture from your hand providing you with a secure grip.


Similar to the Neon Tac, the Neon Dri is only available in a 3-pack of neon colors. This thin overgrip features a Dri polyurethane that also removes moistures and provides a dry non-slip grip.


The Supreme Power overgrip is very similar to our original Supreme overgrip but offers soft foam Power Ridges to increase the gripping power and control on every shot. Available in black.


Giving you high traction like the Neon Tac, ths RZR Tac also uses a proprietary polyurethane. This overgrip removes moisture for a secure grip. Available in black or white.


One of GAMMA’s more unique overgrips, the RZR React uses a Micro-Textured surface giving you a more controlled swing. Don’t like grip buildup? Don’t worry, the RZR React stretches thin for minimal buildup. Available in black or white.


Not looking to increase the size of your grip? The Grip 2 is an ultra-thin overgrip that still provides an ultra-tacky surface for maximum traction to provide greater control. Available in black.


Another unique overgrip, the Pro Wrap provides an extremely soft, no slip feel for your racquet while still removing moisture. Even with a different material, this durable overgrip will allow for hours of play. Available in blue.


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