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    Mirage Premium Poly Core Paddle

    The GAMMA Mirage is a fantastic middleweight pickleball paddle.  The textured composite face amplifies the power in your game and our new Sensa Poly Core technology enhances touch on the ball.

  • pickleball pb contour grip $5.49 Add to Cart

    PB Contour Grip

    The grip’s stitched & ribbed perforations increase gripping power & maximize absorbency.

  • GAMMA Pickleball Hi-Tech Gel Grip $6.99 Add to Cart

    PB Hi-Tech Gel Grip

    Exceptional comfort and maximum control thanks to our innovative gel cushion and textured surface.

  • GAMMA Pickleball Photon Indoor Ball $7.95$99.95 Select Options

    Photon Indoor Pickleball

    The durable, USAPA Approved, GAMMA Photon is engineered for true flight, consistent bounce and long-lasting play.

  • GAMMA Tennis Revolution Ball $39.95 Add to Cart

    Revolution Foam Pickleball Practice Ball

    Two-tone surface helps to learn and practice spin and the ball is quiet for Pickleball practice in all locations.

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    Portable Net

    The GAMMA Pickleball Portable Net system makes it easy to bring the game with you.

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    For a compact bag that can keep all of your game gear organized, you can’t go wrong with the GAMMA Pickleball Backpack.

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    The Pro Pack Bundle

    Our Pro Pack includes everything the serious competitor needs!

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    Starting Off Strong Bundle

    Make 2017 the year you dominate the pickleball court with our Starting Off Strong bundle!

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GAMMA Pickleball Razor Paddle

GAMMA Pickleball equipment is where years of innovative technology comes together with your passion for pickleball.

Our creative ingenuity and passion for performance make GAMMA Pickleball the leader in the fast growing sport of pickleball. From our aramid honeycomb core paddles to our graphite hitting surface and flush fit bumpers, GAMMA paddles are made to maximize power, execute precision, and master finesse.

Whether you’re experienced or a beginner, GAMMA Pickleball has the perfect paddle for your game. Our mission at GAMMA is to manufacture the tools you need to excel on the court and to encourage you to Never Stop Playing.

About Pickleball

New to the world of pickleball? You’ve come to the right place. Pickleball is the nation’s fastest-growing sport and one of GAMMA’s specialties.

Where to Play


Ready to play with a friend or compete in a tournament? As the fastest-growing sport in the country, there’s bound to be somewhere nearby to get your game on!

First-time Player?

Anyone can play Pickleball. Whether you’re shifting away from a lifetime on the tennis court, or looking for social fun, you can play Pickleball. You just need a few things to get started.