What Do I Need to Get Started with Pickleball?

Anyone can play Pickleball. Whether you’re shifting away from a lifetime on the tennis court, or looking for a fun, social way to stay active, you can play pickleball. You just need a few things to get started.

1. Equipment

The most important piece of pickleball equipment is your paddle. We offer a range of paddle technologies to suit players of all skill levels.

2. Rules

A mandatory underhand serve and required double bounces are just a couple of the rules you’ll want to know before you hit the court.

3. Court

If you’re coming from the tennis world, be prepared: A pickleball court is much smaller, and the layout is essentially opposite. Think you’re ready?

4. Where to Play

Whether you’re looking for a friendly game or your competitive fire is burning, pickleball courts and tournaments are cropping up all over the country.