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Take control of the court with GAMMA Pickleball Paddles. Our cutting-edge manufacturing techniques are the next generation of pickleball technology. GAMMA Pickleball paddles offer exceptional feedback and feel during play, and the honeycomb core featured in our paddles provides excellent power and control.

We offer a paddle for every style of play and every type of competitor.

NEUCORE Poly Core Paddle Construction: NEUCORE is leading the way in pickleball paddle innovation. Drastically increased cell size and paddle core depth help to enhance predictability and responsiveness. Different paddle faces (graphite or composite) and shapes help customize your equipment to your style of play. NEUCORE paddles are perfect for all levels of play, but will be most appreciated by players at an intermediate or advanced level.


SENSA Poly Core Paddle Construction: GAMMA SENSA Poly Core paddles built in line with contemporary pickleball paddle construction trends provide a balance of touch and power. Similar to the NEUCORE line of paddles, paddle face and shape provide options to match the paddle to your style of play. These paddles are great for all levels of play.

SENSA Paddles: Needle, Pin, RZR, Mirage, Twister, Dart

Aramid Core 2.0 Paddle Construction: A fantastic option for players looking for power in their game, GAMMA Paddles featuring an Aramid core provide power for both beginner and intermediate level players.

Aramid 2.0 Paddles: Voltage 2.0, Neutron 2.0, Atomic 2.0, Phaser 2.0, Fusion 2.0, Micron 2.0

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  • Atomic 2.0 Pickleball Paddle Front View $89.99 Add to Cart

    Atomic 2.0

    The Atomic 2.0 Performance Paddle is our heaviest paddle, perfect for power players.

  • $139.99 Add to Cart

    COMPASS LH NeuCore Pickleball Paddle

    The COMPASS LH is a TRUE two-handed paddle with an extra long (6″) handle.

  • $139.99 Add to Cart

    COMPASS NeuCore Pickleball Paddle

    The COMPASS is a graphite-faced elongated paddle providing an extra inch of length with a balanced feel and enhanced sweet spot. The graphite face featured on the COMPASS provides touch and control, while NeuCore Technology provides a soft and rich play experience.

  • $69.99 Add to Cart

    Dart Pickleball Paddle

    GAMMA’s newest paddle is perfectly defined by its name, the Dart.  This ~7.4 oz lightweight paddle is made to enhance quick and sharp hand speed when a larger paddle face feels like it bogs you down.

  • $69.99 Add to Cart

    Dart Pickleball Paddle – Pink Ribbon Edition

    Special Edition Pink Ribbon GAMMA Dart is a 7.4 oz lightweight paddle and made to enhance quick and sharp hand speed. Half the profits from these paddle sales will go to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF).

  • Fusion 2.0 Pickleball Paddle Front View 2 $69.99 Add to Cart

    Fusion 2.0

    The Fusion 2.0 Widebody Paddle provides a crisp feel, great power, and easy maneuverability.

  • $109.99 Add to Cart

    Jester NeuCore Pickleball Paddle

    The Jest is the smallest traditional shaped paddle in the NeuCore line at 15 5/8″ in length and 7 1/2″ in width.

  • $119.99 Select Options

    LEGEND NeuCore Pickleball Paddle

    The GAMMA LEGEND NeuCore Pickleball Paddle provides predictable performance and power. This 8.1 oz middle weight paddle is built with a thicker core and larger hexagonal cells to absorb the shock of power shots and blocks.

  • $59.99 Add to Cart

    Micron 2.0

    Perfect for players that want touch at great value.

  • Blue GAMMA Mirage $89.99 Select Options

    Mirage Premium Poly Core Paddle

    The GAMMA Mirage is a fantastic middleweight pickleball paddle.  The textured composite face amplifies the power in your game and our new Sensa Poly Core technology enhances touch on the ball.

  • New Needle Pickleball Paddle $119.99 Select Options

    Needle Elongated Premium Poly Core Paddle

    The GAMMA Needle has an elongated design with a large, centralized sweet spot using Sensa Poly Core technology and a graphite face to enhance control. It is sure to keep your opponent on pins and needles!

  • $99.99 Add to Cart

    Neutron 2.0

    The Neutron is the fastest paddle in the GAMMA lineup, ultra lightweight and highly maneuverable.

  • $79.99 Add to Cart

    Phaser 2.0

    The Phaser 2.0 Paddle provides a paddle for perfect touch and consistent play.

  • $109.99 Select Options

    RZR Premium Poly Core Paddle

    The GAMMA RZR is the ultimate pickleball paddle. Our new Sensa Poly Core technology delivers balance, power, and touch like you have never experienced in a midweight paddle.

  • $129.99 Select Options

    SHARD NeuCore Pickleball Paddle

    The GAMMA SHARD NeuCore Pickleball Paddle features a graphite face, helping to further boost the touch and soft feel of your play. The same graphite face grabs the ball for a split second longer to help unleash power with placed precision.

  • Voltage 2.0 Pickleball Paddle Front View $109.99 Add to Cart

    Voltage 2.0

    Maximum control and speed for elite competitors.

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