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PB Super Soft Grip


GAMMA Pickleball PB Super Soft Grip is soft and easy on your hand for hours of comfortable play.

  • Dry Traction™ surface: Provides 75 percent more traction than a typical dry grip. PB Super Soft Grip does not become slippery while playing because micro pores wick moisture away from your hand 4 times faster than non-perforated grips.
  • Comfort-foam base:
    • Protects your hand from shock and fatigue
    • Stretches allowing you to control the thickness of the grip on your paddle

GAMMA Pickleball grips are on 9 out of 10 paddles in the industry! If you aren’t playing a GAMMA grip, get one and feel the difference in your paddle immediately; improved feel, control and comfort!




Grip Length

31 in.

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