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Practice MINI Pickleball Net


Need to gain a competitive advantage through drilling, but lack the space to practice?

Our 10 Foot MINI Practice net is the solution. Perfect to fit in a driveway, in a garage, a shed or basement, this net is the same height as a regular net, but only 10′ wide. To assemble, gather your poles from your Full-Size GAMMA Portable Net, then get your dink on!

Note: This is the MINI Netting only- you must already have the poles from your GAMMA Portable Net to assemble the MINI Practice net!

In order to assemble correctly, you will not use all of the poles provided for a full net. There are 4 poles numbered “7” that will be left out of the MINI Net assembly. 


10 ft.


36 in.


2mm braided net body with all-weather woven oxford headband