RZR Bubba 137



The RZR Bubba continues the Bubba tradition with a 137 sq. in. head size providing outstanding power, fewer mis-hits and the largest sweet spot of any legal racquet in the game. The game’s largest legal frame allows players with slower, shorter swings to maneuver the RZR Bubba with greater ease. Applying RZR Advanced Aerodynamics principles, we were able to create a faster, more maneuverable frame while maintaining the reach, forgiveness, power and sweet spot of the original Big Bubba.

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Bruce Levine – Tennis.com Review (video)
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137 sq. in.


29 in.


22-24-22 mm


9.6 oz. / 272g (un), 10.4 oz. / 295g (s)


15.4” / 390 mm (s), 15” / 380 mm (un)


65 ra


RZR™ Tac

Grip Size

4 ¼ in., 4 ½ in., 4 ⅛ in., 4 ⅜ in., 4 ⅝ in.

1 piece: SS 11′. Length 22’x21′. Pattern 18×21.
Start M’s @ T.
Mains skip 7T, 9T, 11T & 9H. Tie-off M’s @ 8H.
Start X @ 9H. Tie off at 5T.

2 piece: Tie Off 7H, 5T.

Recommended Tension Range 50-65 lbs.
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