Glide Cross String (1/2 Set)



Glide is a revolutionary cross string that dramatically reduces the sliding friction between strings creating spin, power and comfort. Get up to 300 RPM’s more with a single string job! For best results, string Glide Cross String 10 percent higher than your normal cross string.

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16/1.30 mm


20 ft / 6m, 120 ft / 36m


1/2 Set, 1/2 Reel

Glide™ Low Friction Technology
Glide™ Low Friction Technology is a patent pending string technology, not a coating or surface treatment. GAMMA Glide™ Cross String is a monofilament string made from a proprietary, super elastic formulation of polyvinylidene fluoride engineered to provide high Lubricity* when combined with any other main string material and last for the life of the string, compared to coatings or surface treatments that wear away over time. The high Lubricity between strings allows the main strings to slide more freely along the Glide Cross Strings upon ball impact so they can travel further and recover quicker, imparting more energy to the ball resulting in more spin, power and comfort for the player.

Glide™ Low Friction Technology is the result of GAMMA’s research in the area of string lubricity and spin generation that has been ongoing since 2009 and is the only racquet string that incorporates this unique polyvinylidene fluoride material in its construction.

*Lubricity is defined as the inverse of friction.

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GAMMA String Performance Guarantee

GAMMA guarantees the performance of your GAMMA string. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the performance of a guaranteed string, GAMMA will refund your purchase price. Subject to terms below.

  • Return must include the GAMMA String Guarantee Claim Form
  • Return must include the original dated sales receipt from an authorized GAMMA Dealer (no photo copies)
  • Return must include the entire set of GAMMA string cut from your racquet
  • Consumer is responsible for returning string to GAMMA at consumer’s expense by a trackable shipping method
  • Limited to one request per household
  • Amount of refund not to exceed $50.00
  • Offer available to residents of the United States only
  • GAMMA reserves the right to cancel this offer at anytime
  • Please allow 4-6 weeks for refund. Offer void where prohibited by law.

To request a refund you must fill out and return the GAMMA String Performance Guarantee Claim Form (download PDF to the right) within 14 days of purchase.

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