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GAMMA has been shifting the paradigm in tennis technology for more than 40 years.

We’re committed to bringing the latest in unique, competitive equipment to today’s generation of tennis players. Since we first introduced our GAMMA Gut, GAMMA Tennis has radically changed the game for players of all levels.

Bring more power to your game with racquet strings and tennis equipment from GAMMA. Our intense focus on delivering the latest in tennis product innovation will give you everything you need to Unleash Your Champion.

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  • GAMMA Tennis Neon Safari Overgrip $7.99 View Product

    Neon Safari

    GAMMA Neon Safari™ is an innovative overgrip that combines performance with bold new animal print patterns in three hot neon colors to make the ultimate performance statement on the court.

  • Lightweight tabletop stringing machine with rotational ratchet gripper $899.99 Add to Cart

    X-Stringer X-ST

    Strong, light-weight aluminum extrusion base with built-in tool tray and drawer with 6-Point Quick Mount System w/”V” Mounts.

  • GAMMA Tennis Tool Starter Kit $29.99 Add to Cart

    Starter Tool Kit

    Diagonal Cutter, Bent Nose Pliers and Needle Nose Pliers in a handy case.

  • Universal Replacement Clamp for swivel fixed clamp bases $139.99 Add to Cart

    4-Tooth Universal Clamp

    The 4-Tooth Universal String Clamp is a replacement fixed clamp that fits all GAMMA swivel fixed clamp bases.

  • $34.99 Select Options

    Ballhopper Hi-Rise 75

    The Ballhopper® Hi-Rise™ 75, our #1 selling Hi-Rise basket features a strengthened weld design, Diamond Clad weather resistant coating, and unique wear bumpers for durability.

  • GAMMA Tennis Ballhopper Gi-Rise Gold $49.99 Select Options

    Ballhopper Hi-Rise Gold

    The Ballhopper® Hi-Rise Gold™ 75 is a professional grade ball pick-up designed for maximum durability and everyday use by teaching pros and players.

  • GAMMA Tennis Crank Net Post View Product

    Deluxe Net Post

    The GAMMA Deluxe Post is a professional-quality net post with a traditional crank handle system.

  • GAMMA Tennis Ultra Cushion Textured Grip $6.99 Add to Cart

    Ultra Cushion Textured

    Perforations and tread pattern increase moisture absorption and gripping traction.

  • GAMMA Tennis Supreme Power Overgrip $4.99 Select Options

    Supreme Power Overgrip

    Supreme Power Overgrip combines our best selling tacky and absorbent Supreme Overgrip with soft foam Power Ridges™.

  • GAMMA Tennis Revive Ball Pressurizer $14.99 Add to Cart

    Revive Ball Pressurizer

    GAMMA Revive Tennis Ball Pressurizer helps maintain the pressure of tennis balls.

  • GAMMA Tennis Quick Kids Jr Racquet $14.99 Add to Cart

    Quick Kids Jr. 23

    Quick Kids Jr. 23 aluminum racquet ideal for 10 and Under Tennis and Tennis 10’s formats.

  • Speed ladder for building performance, balance, and coordination in all sports $29.99 Add to Cart

    Speed Ladder

    The GAMMA Speed Ladder is ideal for developing foot speed, quickness, balance and coordination for all sports.


  •  Tennis court valet with coated aluminum tray View Product

    Court Order

    The Court Order is available with a vinyl coated aluminum tray or a high quality UV-stabilized poly tray.

  • GAMMA Tennis Draw Sheets $4.95 Add to Cart

    Draw Sheet

    Draw Sheets are individual 32 or 64-field tournament planning sheets printed on heavy paper. Each Draw Sheet unfolds to 25 inches by 19 inches.

  • $219.99 Select Options

    RZR Bubba 137

    The game’s largest legal frame allows players with slower, shorter swings to maneuver the RZR Bubba with greater ease.

  • Bubba 137 tennis racquet with balance of power and feel $219.99 Select Options

    RZR Bubba 117

    A smaller version of the RZR Bubba 137, the 117 sq inch head provides the perfect balance of power and feel without sacrificing control.


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GAMMA Sports is a family-owned business with a 40-year history of developing innovative products that advance racquet sports for players of all levels.

GAMMA Innovation

GAMMA has been combining science with sport since day one. Our commitment to  research and development has helped us create some of the top racquet sports equipment on the market. 

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