The product that started it all! GAMMA’s tennis strings are still revolutionizing the game. Whether you’re looking for spin, control, power, durability, or something in between, find the string to help you rule the court.

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  • GAMMA Tennis String TNT2 Touch $18.99$113.48 Select Options

    TNT2 Touch

    The first multifilament string energized with the GAMMA patented TNT2 Process.

  • $12.99 Add to Cart

    TNT2 Fusion Plus

    Super durable high performance hybrid with textured main strings for extra spin.


  • $12.99$99.99 Select Options

    TNT2 Fat Core XL

    TNT2® Fat Core XL features a high tenacity synthetic core that is 15% larger with a larger core and wear-resistant microfibers are added to the outer wrap.

  • $9.99$76.99 Select Options


    TNT2® processing enhances playability, durability and control for all playing styles.

  • $3.79$59.99 Select Options

    SYNTHETIC GUT with WearGuard

    An all-around performance string that offers a balance of playability and extra durability for all playing levels and playing styles.

  • GAMMA Syn Gut $3.49$54.99 Select Options


    The ideal all-around performance string, offering a balance of playability and durability for all playing levels and playing styles.

  • GAMMA Tennis String Stinger $4.99 Add to Cart

    Stinger 16/17

    Extra durable polyester main strings for extra string life combined with a synthetic cross string for greater playability.


  • GAMMA Tennis String Solace $14.99 Select Options


    Solace is an advanced multifilament string comprised of a high energy TNT processed dual filament core and high tenacity multifilaments.


  • $19.99 Select Options


    The World’s Number 1 Rated Overall Synthetic String, GAMMA Professional combines crisp feel with maximum spin.

  • $3.95$3.97 Select Options

    Poly Z

    This excellent polyester string provides a firm, yet responsive string bed for great control.

  • GAMMA Tennis Ocho XP 16 $14.99$114.99 Select Options


    GAMMA’s Ocho XP is the perfect string for the all-court player who wants to strike a balance between control and comfort.

  • GAMMA Tennis String OCHO TNT Rx $15.99 Select Options


    Ocho TNT is the perfect string for the solid core, synthetic gut player that wants to experience the spin and control benefits that a polyester string can provide while retaining the power and feel of a solid core synthetic.

  • $11.99 Select Options


    GAMMA’s OCHO TNT combines the OCHO’s unique octagonal shape with dynamic elasticity of our TNT technology.

  • $12.99$181.99 Select Options


    GAMMA OCHO’s unique octagonal shape features eight sharp edges delivering maximum ball bite.

  • Moto Soft $9.99$139.99 Select Options

    Moto Soft

    GAMMA’s Moto Soft offers less shock on impact than other copolyester strings while still providing massive spin and exceptional control.

  • $9.99$139.99 Select Options


    GAMMA Moto’s unique heptagona-shaped string is designed for the higher-performance player.

  • GAMMA Tennis String Marathon DPC $7.99 Select Options

    Marathon DPC

    High tenacity fibers combined with a unique Diamond Pearl Coating (DPC) for maximum string durability.


  • $13.99$106.99 Select Options


    GAMMA Live Wire XP offers natural gut-like playability while maintaining the comfort and touch of our Live Wire technology.

  • $19.99 Select Options


    GAMMA Live Wire Professional offers gut-like performance with the comfort and playability of our Live Wire string.

  • $10.99$83.99 Select Options


    GAMMA Live Wire delivers exceptional power and greater control, with a softer “cushioned feel” that is easy on the arm.

  • $7.99$111.99 Select Options


    GAMMA JET has an innovative twisted ribbed profile to maximize ball bite and spin.

  • Pentagonal Shaped Polyester String $7.99$111.99 Select Options

    iO Soft

    iO Soft is a more forgiving version of iO poly, that offers less shock on impact than stiffer co-polyester strings.

  • GAMMA Tennis iO 16 $7.99$111.99 Select Options


    GAMMA iO offers exceptional power, access to spin and pinpoint control.

  • Tennis string reduces friction and creates power $14.99 View Product

    Glide Hybrid (w/ Moto)

    GAMMA Glide is a revolutionary cross string that dramatically reduces the sliding friction between strings creating spin, power and comfort.

  • Tennis string reduces friction and creates power $9.99$54.99 Select Options

    Glide Cross String (1/2 Set)

    Glide is a revolutionary cross string that dramatically reduces the sliding friction between strings creating spin, power and comfort.

  • $18.99 Select Options

    GAMMA Gut

    GAMMA has relaunched this legendary, era-defining string. Our proprietary approach creates an amazing all-around string that maximizes comfort and playability.

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GAMMA Sports is a family-owned business with a 40-year history of developing innovative products that advance racquet sports for players of all levels.

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GAMMA has been combining science with sport since day one. Our commitment to  research and development has helped us create some of the top racquet sports equipment on the market. 

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