Legendary String. New Technology.

How strong are GAMMA Gut tennis strings? Strong enough to form the basis of a company that’s been in business for more than 45 years!

Our redesigned GAMMA Gut is back and better than ever! We’ve revamped our most legendary string by combining our proprietary approach with today’s latest technology to create a string that maximizes comfort for players of all skill levels.

GAMMA’s ground-breaking tennis string will revitalize your game so that you can play your best for hours without discomfort or pain.

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GAMMA Gut 16 product

Unleash Your Champion

Play with the legendary tennis string that changed the game.

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Gut Feelings...

They came. They played. They tested GAMMA Gut tennis strings. Here’s what real players had to say about our tennis strings.

“I give this string high marks for comfort. There was less vibrations and string movement which created a softer feel.”

“This string is all about comfort. I have drilled and played with this string for about 12-15 hours. Not once during this time did I feel any pain or soreness. 10/10!”

“This is a great multi-filament string, no question about it!”

“It gives me a nice blend of feel and spin.”

“The directional and depth control was good. My touch shots felt extremely easy and had a crisp feel to it!”

“This prototype provided excellent comfort. MUCH better than my regular strings.”

Making History Takes Guts

Snapped natural gut tennis strings, gamma rays, and countless experiments led our founder, Dr. Harry Ferrari, to invent a process that would forever change the way that tennis strings were made.

Through his innovative process, he pioneered a way to create a pliable string that provided the sturdiness of synthetic materials and mimicked the playability that’s reminiscent of natural gut.

And just like that, GAMMA gut tennis strings were born.

Are You a Gut Player?

Do you crave maximum control and the crisp feel of a tennis ball striking your string bed? If so, GAMMA Gut tennis strings could be the string for you.

Find out for sure with our help.

GAMMA String Guarantee!

GAMMA guarantees the performance of your GAMMA string. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the performance of a guaranteed string, GAMMA will refund your purchase price.

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